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EMF Detectors

K2 EMF Meter

Perhaps the most reconisied EMF detector in the paranormal field.


Detecting between 0 and 20+ milligause reading which is indicated by the green to red led lights its a clear way to see the change in the enviroment.


We can supply in either black or grey colours

Powered By 9V battery (included)

Multi Meter

The Multi Meter not only measures EMF but also measures Temperate and static energy.


This is more accurate than the K2 as it has a digital display that gives you a reading to a decimal point, as an added feature it also changes the colour of its screen from green when normal to Red if detects a increase in EMF or Blue if the temperate drops suddenly. Along with the colour changes it also beeps to alert you to the change.

Powered by 3 AAA Bateries